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Top10 Vienna Insider Restaurant of the Month March

Top10 Vienna Insider Restaurant of the Month March

Searching for a new insider restaurant, we came across el Hans – a modern Spanish restaurant in Vienna's 2nd district.

What you learn very fast: El Hans doesn't just serve food, it provides an excellent and personal culinary experience. We decided to go with the full experience and enjoyed their degustation menu. The degustation menu takes you on a journey through contemporary Spanish cuisine – with “never been there” combinations. The 5-course dinner includes the recommendations of the Spanish chef (of course they ask about allergies or dislikes in advance). Our advice: you should definitely add the wine package where you get a selected Spanish wine with every course.

el hans Vienna seafood
el Hans entrče Iberico

Our dinner started off with some appetizers and two glasses of Spanish white wine. We moved on to a fish soup with grilled seafood – a wonderful treat for all fish-lovers. As our first entrée we were served a turbot filet on hummus and dill risotto - a fantastic combination we would have never thought of. Our second entrée was Iberico filet with sweet potato, parmesan and beetroot cream (no the red garnish is not ketchup!). The meat was cooked perfectly, very tender and rich in taste, and the combination of the dish – unique! As dessert the chef prepared a chocolate creation called “Erde & Wurzeln”. Looking at the picture, the chef is definitely an artist … A wonderful dessert we won't forget so fast, almost to fancy to eat. We concluded our two hour stay at el Hans (time really passes when you are getting served so many wonderful courses and wines) with a cheese variation of well selected Spanish cheese, accompanied by a Spanish dessert wine.

el Hans Erde & Wurzeln dessert

At el Hans you don't just dine and leave, you experience and enjoy! Creative combinations on a gourmet level in a personal and laid-back atmosphere with excellent service makes el Hans our insider tip of the month March 2017!

El Hans, Schmelzgasse 9, 1020

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Photos: Top10 Vienna
Published: March 2017

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