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Stand Up Paddling in Vienna | SUP Center Vienna

Stand Up Paddle Center Wien
Aloha & Welcome at the Stand Up Paddle Scene in Vienna!
Yes, you read correctly... the latest sports trend, Stand Up Paddle (short: SUP) from Hawai has gained massive popularity within the past few years and has even made it into metropolitan cities with no access to the ocean, like Vienna. The best thing about SUP is, it can be exercised anywhere on the water, from rivers, lakes to oceans including bays. Check out the SUP-Center Vienna locations in Vienna:

1. Public bathing area "Gänsehäufl"

The Gänsehäufl at the Old Danube River is Vienna's largest public bathing spot, and even one of the largest fresh water public bathing spots in Europe. It offers bathing spots, beach volley ball courts, a high rope course and a Stand Up Paddle Center. It even hosts up to 300 summer residents who spend their summer days in tiny cabanas located within the Gänsehäufl. The SUP Center is located on the east beach directly on the Old Danube. You can rent your board their and get on the water - you can even circle the island within about an hour, if you paddle fast enough. It's a great location to practice your skills on the paddle board. If you are able to keep your eyes off the board you can also enjoy the skyline of the 22nd district of Vienna and the beautiful setting of the Old Danube. 2018 Season starts in May.

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SUP Vienna Gaensehaeufl

2. Vienna City Beach Club

As we wrote about in our blog article about Vienna City Beach Club, the location is the perfect spot on hot summer days, inviting people to be active on beach volleyball courts, on stand up paddle boards, as well as to relax with a cold drink near the water. The Stand Up Paddle Center at VCBC offers stand up paddle boards for rent, Stand Up Paddle lessons as well as Stand Up Paddle specials, such as after work paddles at discounts. If you are not ready to "stand" on the water, you can rent a kayak as well. 2018 Season starts in June.

Vienna City Beach Club

3. Copa Beach
Copa Beach is located in the 22nd district of Vienna at the popular Donauinsel. The Donauinsel not only hosts one of the largest free outdoor festivals, called the "Donauinselfest" each year, it is also a one of the Viennese favorite outdoor area in summer. Go for a bike ride, a swim, or rent a Stand Up Paddle at the SUP Center. 2018 Season starts in June.

Check out SUP Center Wien's Website for Specials like SUP Yoga, After-Work Yoga, SUP courses, XXL SUP boards and more.

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Published: April 2018
City Scout: Tom
Photocredits: © SUP-Center Wien | Top10 Vienna

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