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Vienna Must Sees

Vienna Must See
Best Tourist Attractions and Things to See in Vienna!
When travelling to a new city, you probably plan ahead what you want to see. Since Vienna does have a lot of great places to see, we would like to point out the absolute best sights in Vienna.

Especially the first district, the old town of Vienna, can be viewed as a whole tourist attraction, you can take pictures of a variety of historic buildings, monuments, statutes and parks. Those are the must see places in Vienna:

Stephansdom – St. Stephen's Cathedral

This wonderful cathedral is literally the heart of Vienna, the Stephansdom (St. Stephen's Cathedral) is located in the city center of Vienna and is considered the most famous tourist attraction in Vienna. St. Stephen's Cathedral has its origin in the 12th century, the interior and architecture display the old gothic era. The greater South Tower of the cathedral is 136m tall and you can enjoy an amazing view from its top. St. Stephen's Cathedral is a Must See in Vienna and a favorite among instagramers.

The Wiener Rathaus (City Hall of Vienna) is one of the most beautiful buildings in Vienna. It is direclty located on the Vienna Ringstrasse and shall not be missed by any Vienna day tour. Right next to the City Hall you will find the Austrian Parliament and many more great tourist attractions of Vienna in close proximity. The square in front of the Vienna City Hall transforms into a giant ice skating rink in the winter months, the largest Christmas Market in Vienna in December and is used for a lot of other great events.

Wiener Rathaus

Hofburg & Heldenplatz
These are definitely two of the most historic places in Austria, you can already feel the history when you visit. The Vienna Hofburg was built in the late medieval in the 13th century, and served as the Habsburg residence until the end of the monarchy in 1918. Since 1945 the Hofburg is the official office of the Austrian president. Inside the Hofburg you will find public museums, the Sisi Apartment, the crown jewels or the Spanish Horse Riding School and much more. You can spend ours at the Vienna Hofburg and should definitely put it on your Vienna to do list. The huge square in front of the Hofburg is called Heldenplatz” (Heroe's sqaure) with two important historic monuments, showing Erzherzog Karl (Archduke Charles) and Prince Eugen (Prince Eugene of Savoy).

Vienna Hofburg

Wiener Staatsoper
The Wiener Staatsoper (Vienna State Opera) is home of the world renown Vienna Opera Ball attracting international guests and worldwide media coverage. The Vienna State Opera hosts nearly performances and is an absolute must for classical music lovers. The Staatsoper is located on the Ringstrasse near the famous Hotel Sacher and is another Must See attraction in Vienna.

Wiener Staatsoper

Schloss Schönbrunn
The most beautiful palace in Vienna, Schloss Schönbrunn (Schoenbrunn Palace) is also the most visited tourist attraction in Austria. The Schoenbrunn Palace has been built between 1638 and 1643 and served as the Habsburg's summer residence for the most time in history. Today you can visit the imperial rooms and apartments and discover the huge Shoenbrunn Gardens. From the Gloriette on the top of the park you have the most amazing view over the city of Vienna and the Schoenbrunn Palace.

Schloss Schoenbrunn

Schloss Belvedere
Schloss Belvedere (Belvedere Palace) in the 3rd district of Vienna consists of two baroque palaces. The Belvedere Palace was built between 1714 and 1723 for Prince Eugen of Savoy and served as home of the Habsburg dynasty. Today the Belvedere Palace hosts the largest collection of Gustav Klimt and is home of his most famous work "The Kiss".

Schloss Belvedere

Wiener Riesenrad
The Wiener Riesenrad (Giant Ferris Wheel) is the second official landmark of the city of Vienna and a must see in Vienna. It was built between 1896 and 1897 and got redeveloped after World War 2 in 1945. It has a height of 65m and offers you a stunning view over the whole city. They also host special events on some days, such as dinners in the Riesenrad/ The Riesenrad is located in the Prater which is the biggest amusement park in Vienna.

Wiener Riesenrad

Wiener Naschmarkt
The Naschmarkt is the biggest and most traditional market in Vienna, with origins in the 16th century. The market is located in the 6th district of Vienna and stretches down towards the city center of Vienna. The Naschmarkt is the place to be in Vienna if you are a foodie. You will get fresh friuts, vegetables, meat, hummus, falafel, cheese, wines and a lot more oriental oriented foods and delicacies. Besides the traditional food stand offering samples and food to go, there are plenty of nice restaurants for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. Make sure Naschmarkt is on your list when visiting Vienna, but be aware that the market is closed on Sundays.

Wiener Naschmarkt

Of course there are a lot more things to do and see in Vienna. These sights however, should be on everyone's Vienna bucket list. Have fun and enjoy Vienna!

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Photocredits: 123rf, shutterstock
Published: March 2018
City Scout: Peter

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