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Best Austrian Food in Vienna

Wiener Schnitzel in Vienna
When you travel to Vienna you probably want to indulge in the local culture and get the full experience out of your trip. That of course includes food as well! We tell you where you get the best authentic and traditional Austrian food in Vienna.

What to eat in Vienna?
The traditional Austrian cuisine has many delicious dishes, which you definitely have to try when visiting Vienna. We show you which specialties Austria has to offer and where you can get them! Meaning best quality and most authentic atmosphere for each traditional dish. Here is where you should have your traditional Austrian dishes in Vienna.

Figlmueller Restaurant – Wiener Schnitzel
The Wiener Schnitzel is the most typical dish of Austria. The original Wiener Schnitzel is made of veal, but you will also find Wiener Schnitzel versions from pork or chicken. Commonly, the Wiener Schnitzel is served with a traditional potato salad but many restaurants offer fries as a side as well, which your kids might prefer. The best address in Vienna to have a Wiener Schnitzel is Figlmueller Restaurant in the city center (1st district) of Vienna. The famous restaurant is located in a tiny side street called “Wollzeile”, between the two subway stations “Schwedenplatz” and “Stephansplatz”. Their slogan is “the home of the Schnitzel” and yes, the probably have the best Wiener Schnitzel in Vienna. Also the atmosphere at Figlmueller is very authentic and a lot of local Viennese love this place just us much as tourists.

Plachutta – Tafelspitz (prime boiled beef)
The Tafelspitz is also one of the most traditional dishes in Austria. It's slow cooked beef cooked and served in soup, along with apple radish and roasted potatoes. You can get one of the best Tafelspitz in Vienna at Plachutta, which is one of the most traditional restaurants in Vienna. There are three Plachutta Restaurants in Vienna, two in the city center of Vienna (1st district) and another one near Schloss Schoenbrunn in the 13th district of Vienna.

Tafelspitz in Vienna

Wiener Rathauskeller – Rostbraten (roast beef)
The Wiener Rathauskeller is definitely one of the most traditional restaurants in Vienna. You won't find any other restaurant that has such a traditional and unique look inside and an amazing atmosphere. Their specialty is the Rostbraten, typically served with fried onions on top and roasted potatoes as a side. Rathauskeller is located in the basement of the Vienna City Hall in the 1st district of Vienna, ideal for combining it with a visit of the Wiener Rathaus (Vienna City Hall).

Melker Stiftskeller - Stelze (Pork knuckle)
Melker Stiftskeller is the oldest basement vault served as restaurant in Vienna, located in the city center (1st district) of Vienna. The atmosphere in the old cellar building is unique and a must see in Vienna. Melker Stiftskeller serves some of the best pork knockles in Vienna accompanied by local brewed beer and a huge wine selection.

Bitzinger - Bratwurst or Käsekrainer (Austrian Street Food)
Next to the Albertina and behind the Vienna State Opera in the 1st district of Vienna you will encounter a hot dog stand named Bitzinger. Bitzinger is one of the best and most popular street food places in Vienna - you get the best Austrian Bratwurst and Käsekrainer here. Local Viennese eat Bratwurst or Käsekrainer before or after a performance at the Opera House, for business lunch or just as a snack during the day. You should definitely try a street sausage when in Vienna and Bitzinger is the best place for that.

Café Sacher – Sachertorte
The world famous Sachertorte originated at Café Sacher in 1832. The family recipe has been kept a secret ever since and has not been changed over the years. A lot of copies have been created, however the original one still maintains its hiqh-level status. The Sachertorte is served with whipped cream and typically accompanied with a traditional Viennese coffee like the Mélange (coffee with milk foam). You get the original Sachertorte at Café Sacher in the heart of Vienna, next to the State Opera House. Café Sacher is part of the Sacher Hotel, also one of the best addresses to stay in Vienna.

Sachertorte Cafe Sacher Vienna

Café Landtmann – Mehlspeisen (typical Austrian sweet dishes and cakes)

Café Landtmann is one of the oldest and most traditional coffee houses in Vienna. It is a historical part of the old Viennese coffee house culture. Café Landtmann is located in the 1st district of Vienna, on the famous “Ringstrasse”, opposite the “Rathauspark”. After a typical Austrian meal, you should definitely try one of our famous “Mehlspeisen”, which are different cakes and other desserts. Trust us, you will love them! Café Landtmann offers a big variety of cakes, one of the most traditional one is the Apfelstrudel (apple strudel) served with whipped cream. Make sure to also try the traditional Guglhupf, the Esterhazy Torte, the Mozart Torte, the Cardinalschnitte, the famous Nusstorte and so on...

Apfelstudel Cafe Landtmann Vienna

We hope we have added some culinary highlights to your stay in Vienna. We try to make sure you don't leave Vienna hungry!

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Published: January 2018
City Scout: Tom
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