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Best English Cinemas in Vienna

Vienna has not only plenty of sights, interesting museums and good restaurants, but also great entertainment facilities, like cinemas and theaters. You might think that going to the movies in other countries can be difficult, especially because of different languages being spoken, but don't worry- you don't have to learn German to enjoy your favorite movies. Vienna offers a lot of English Cinemas, which play recently released films as well as old classics. Here are our favorite English Movie Theaters in Vienna:

Haydn Cinema
The Haydn Cinema is located on the busy shopping-street Mariahilferstrasse, near the U3 subway station "Neubaugasse". Founded in 1914, it was known as a classic theater until 2 years later it became a movie cinema. Since 1995 the Haydn Cinema plays exclusively English films without subtitles. Not only tourists, but also locals love going there and Haydn cinema is usually pretty busy, especially on weekends and of course for popular movies. The cozy cinema is known for its nostalgic atmosphere and its mixture between vintage and modern style. It usually plays the latest blockbusters, but it also replays older classics. On their website you can also vote which film you would like to see, which is another reason why we love the Haydn Cinema!

Haydn Cinema: Mariahilfer Strasse 57, 1060 Wien

Situated near the subway station "Karlsplatz" (U1, U2, U4), the Burgkino is easy to reach. It was founded in 1912, which makes it one of Europe's oldest cinemas. In the 1950s it was the only cinema in Austria that played movies in their original language. Today Burgkino offers a huge variety of different movies and genres. It plays not only recent Hollywood films, but also documentaries and classics. It also hosts special events like the film weeks in English, French, Russian, Italian and many other languages. Usually films have German subtitles. What we love about Burgkino is its ancient flair and its historical ambiance. It gives you the feeling of a classic theater, rather than a movie cinema.

Burgkino Vienna

Burgkino: Opernring 19, 1010 Wien

Artis International
The Artis International is located in the first district of Vienna and plays exclusively original versions of English films without subtitles. To get there you can take either the subway line U1 or U3 to "Stephansplatz" and then walk about 5 minutes through the center of Vienna. Artis International Cinema usually plays the latest Hollywood films and many animated films for children. By the way, salted popcorn is more common in Vienna than sweet popcorn, however at Artis International you get both.

Artis International Cinema: Schultergasse 5, 1010 Wien

Vienna's English Theatre
If you prefer going to a classic theater rather than a modern movie theater, you will find one of Europe's oldest and most established English theaters in Vienna. Since its foundation 1963, it has received a lot of appreciation, not only from tourists, but also from locals. The theater is easy to reach, situated near Vienna's City Hall, right at subway station U2 "Rathaus". What we love about Vienna's English Theatre, is that their program is so disparate with so many different plays, like dramas, thrillers, comedies etc. Its atmosphere is very pleasant and the red velvet seats are very comfortable. Vienna's English Theatre is always worth a visit. But make sure to make a reservation in advance, since they are usually sold out.

Vienna's English Theatre: Josefsgasse 12, 1080 Wien

Another movie cinema, which offers films in their original version is Votivkino. To get there, you take the U2 until "Schottentor". Votivkino plays different European films of different genres, mostly with subtitles.

Votivkino: Währinger Str. 12, 1090 Wien

Cinema De France
If you love French movies and speak French, then we highly recommend you going to the De France. It has the same owners as the Votivkino and is only a 5 minutes' walk away. The De France offers not only entertaining films, but also historical films and documentaries, usually without subtitles. We are sure you will enjoy its nostalgic atmosphere.

Cinema De France: Schottenring 5, Heßgasse 7, 1010 Wien

Vienna is home to a lot of international people from around the world not only due to the fact that of the UN office known as UNO City. Vienna has become more international throughout the years also because of different cultural influences. There are plenty of activities and things to do in Vienna without being fluent in German. For instance you don't have to miss your favorite movies anymore - there is a good chance that your movie will be played in any of the English cinemas in Vienna.

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Published in October 2017
City Scout: Anni
Photcredits: © Top10 Vienna
Votivkino Vienna English Cinema

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