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The University of Vienna

University of Vienna
The University of Vienna is one of the oldest and most traditional universities in Europa. It opened on March 12, 1365 and is currently home for 95.000 students and 9.400 staff members. Most students in Vienna study at University of Vienna. In fact the University of Vienna is the largest university in the German speaking area and also one of the largest universities in Europe.

Students at the University of Vienna can study in almost any field, with an offering of 174 degree programs. The University of Vienna has many institutes and faculties. Most of them are located in the first and the ninth district of Vienna. Especially the ninth district, "Alsergrund", is also considered a student district. Living costs aren't as high as in the city center (1st district). You will find a lot of restaurants, cafes and bars in the ninth district of Vienna, making it a great place for students.

The most beautiful building of the University of Vienna is its main building located directly on the Wiener Ringstrasse, next to the "Rathauspark" and the town hall of Vienna (one of the top tourist attractions in Vienna). The "Arkadenhof", inside the main building, is very beautiful and a great place for reading outside or hanging out with fellow students. You can reach the main building of the University by taking the U2 to the station "Schottentor/Universität". Just enter the university areal, walk around and take some pictures. The University of Vienna is a popular tourist attraction in Vienna and absolutely worth seeing.

University of Vienna Arkadenhof

University of Vienna Arkadenhof

Many famous personalities studied at the University of Vienna over the course of its history. Ten former graduates were honored with a Nobel Prize. For example, Erwin Schrödinger, a famous Austrian scientist in the 1930s was awarded the Nobel Prize for physics. In 2004 the Austrian author Elfriede Jelinek was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature. Also, one of the world's most famous psychiatrist and the founder of the psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud, studied at the University of Vienna. In the foyer and the courtyard of the main building, you can find many statues and tributes for all the great scientists that graduated at University of Vienna in its 652-year-old history.

If you are interested in studying in Vienna or planning a semester abroad in this city, the University of Vienna offers many programs for students from other countries and is very proud of its diversity. For more information, just visit the website of the University of Vienna. If you are just searching for a place in Vienna to hang out with other students, we have many other blogs about cool locations all over the city on Top10 Either way, we recommend to visit the University of Vienna, you can just enter and look around - it is a public university and definitely one of Vienna's top secret sights.

Universit of Vienna staircase

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Published: October 2017
City Scout: Peter
Photocredits ©: Top10 Vienna

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