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Best Burger in Vienna

A few years ago, the hype about handmade, fresh and high-quality burgers also reached Vienna and started to make international fast food chains some serious competition. Today, you find a lot of new restaurants that offer burgers and other American dishes to a high standard. For those of you staying in Vienna searching for one of the best burgers in town, we recommend you these five great Burger restaurants in Vienna.

Le Burger
Mariahilfer Str. 114, 1070 Vienna
This little restaurant chain from Vienna has one of the best burgers in Vienna. The concept of Le Burger is very simple: it is a self-service restaurant where you decide the ingredients you want in your burger. You can choose from many different toppings and sauces for your burger too. In case you can't decide, you can always choose from a collection of the most popular burger creations. As a garnish, LeBurger offers different salads and fries, like the chili cheese fries or the sweet potato fries. Le Burger runs three restaurants in Vienna, two of them are in shopping malls at "Auhof Center", in the Western part of Vienna and at "Donau Plex", in the Northern part of Vienna. Their newest restaurant is centrally located on the famous shopping street, Mariahilferstraße, not far from the train station "Wien Westbahnhof". Find more details about LeBurger on their Top10 Vienna Profile and enjoy some of the best burgers in Vienna.

LeBurger Vienna Burger
(c) LeBurger

Weihburggasse 3, 1010 Wien
This fantastic burger restaurant is located in the first district of Vienna, in a small side street of the famous shopping street "Kärntner Straße", close to the subway station "Stephansplatz". Rinderwahn offers a variety of different burgers, with high-quality ingredients. The meat is very tender and tastes great in their exquisite burger buns. Additionally, their homemade iced tea fits perfectly to the burgers. Also, their side dishes are very tasty, try the onion rings or the crispy chicken nuggets, both are delicious. As a dessert, we recommend you their homemade cheesecake, which is just a perfect conclusion of a great dinner. Inside the restaurant, you have a great steakhouse atmosphere and an obliging and friendly staff, that makes Rinderwahn a perfect American restaurant.
Rinderwahn as a Top10 Vienna Burger Restaurant.

Rinderwahn Wien Burger

(c) Top10 Vienna

Teddy's American Diner

Gumpendorfer Str. 63A, 1060 Wien
If you are searching for a typical American diner in Vienna, this is definitely the perfect place for you. You can find Teddy's American Diner in the 6th district of Vienna, a parallel street to the the biggest shopping street "Mariahilferstraße". The style of this little restaurant is unique, making you feel like you are back in the 50s. Their retro style furniture and the Rock'n'Roll music (mostly Elvis Presley songs) add to the 50's flair. Their typical American food is absolutely delicious. We had Teddy's Classical Cheese Burger and a Club Sandwich, both were excellent and had the perfect taste and look. Also, their natural fries tasted great. The atmosphere, the staff, and the great food there are absolutely worth to be visited.
Teddy's American Diner as a Top10 Vienna Burger Restaurant.

Tedy's American Diner

(c) Top10 Vienna

T.G.I. Fridays

Schubertring 13, 1010 Vienna
The T.G.I.F. ("Thank God It's Friday"), a famous American restaurant chain that runs over 990 restaurants all over the world. TGI Fridays in Vienna is located at the Ringstraße, at Schwarzenbergplatz. The interior of TGI Fridays is very comfortable and has a nice retro look. The food is fantastic there, they offer nearly everything, from great burgers to spare ribs and delicious desserts. The most famous burger there is their special Jack Daniels Burger, which is served with the legendary Jack Daniels Sauce, just try it!

Omnom Burger
Wiedner Hauptstraße 125, 1050 Vienna
This little burger restaurant in the 5th district of Vienna is also one of the best places for American food in this city. They offer great burgers, which you can personalize with fresh ingredients and toppings. You can choose between a classic burger or one without bread, meat or veggie, six different sauces and toppings like bacon, feta cheese, jalapenos or zucchini. They just use the best meat and ingredients from local Austrian companies and guarantee you a fresh and tasty meal. Omnom Burger is definitely worth a visit if you want to taste your own burger creation made by a great restaurant.
Omnom Burger as a Top10 Vienna Burger Restaurant.

Do you agree with our selection of the best burgers in Vienna?

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Published: September 2017
City Scout: Peter
Photocredits ©: Top10 Vienna,, LeBurger
Best Burger in Vienna

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