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10 Reasons Why Vienna Should Be On Your Bucket List

Visit Vienna
When considering any place to add to your bucket list, Vienna should be on your list. Vienna is not just one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, Austria's capital also ranks among the 20 most visited cities in the world. According to recent studies, Vienna is named the world's most livable cities in the world. If those reasons aren't enough for you to plan a trip to Vienna, here are our top 10 reasons why Vienna should be on you bucket list:

1. For the Music
A lover of classical music cannot resist the charm of Vienna. Not only is Vienna the City of Music, Vienna was the city of choice for various classic music maestros, including Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert and other famous composers. The city still pays homage to them through the world-famous Vienna Opera and the Museum of Music, which is the first of its kind. As an added bonus, live orchestras and performances are always played at night time in certain venues. Check out the event calendar of Vienna State Opera to schedule in a concert during your stay in Vienna.

2. For the Art

Under the Habsburg dynasty, Vienna flourished and grew to become a haven for the arts. Today, Vienna houses plenty of museums that house modern art, ancient art including various masterpieces. In fact, one of the museums, namely the Albertina, is said to house the largest and most valuable collection of art. Find current exhibitions at Albertina that might be of interest to you here.

3. For the History
As a city, Vienna has roots in world history, dating back to 500BC. Over the years, Vienna has withstood the slow passage of time and the city does reflect this aspect. In fact, it is counted among the UNESCO World Heritage sites due to its historic roots. The imperial buildings and monuments in the beautiful city center of Vienna are the prime sights of the city and leave travelers from around the world open-mouthed.

4. For the Architecture
From the Belvedere and the Hofburg Palace to the 21er Haus and St. Stephan's Cathedral, Vienna has amazing architecture which has made it one of the most visually beautiful places in Europe. From cathedrals and palaces to even the streets, Vienna is a haven for fans of beautiful architecture and imperialism.

5. For the Coffee
The coffee culture in Vienna is definitely unique and carries on a long tradition. Over the years, the traditional coffee houses had a huge impact on the Viennese culture, serving as meeting points for musicians, philosophers, writers and artists. From Café Central to Café Hawelka, you can visit the same places that were frequented by Sigmund Freud, Leo Trotsky, Arthur Schnitzler, Thomas Bernhaurd, Johann Strauss, Franz Schubert and many more. The best part is that many cafes have kept the same décor and architecture, giving visitors a visual step back in time. Read our blog to learn more about the most traditional coffee houses in Vienna.

6. For the Food
Austria's most popular dish, the "Wiener Schnitzel" is famous around the world and is often mistakenly classified as a German dish. Austria's cuisine is very meat-rich with traditional dishes such as Gulasch, Tafelspitz and Schweinsbraten. Austrian desserts, such as "Guglhupf", "Sachertorte" and "Buchteln" are popular among locals and tourists alike. Vienna's savory dishes such as "Gulacsh", "Schnitzel" and "Tafelspitz" can be enjoyed in some of the best Austrian restaurants in Vienna. Make sure to also try the famous "Sachertorte" and "Apfelstrudel" or our favorite, "Topfenstrudel" in one of Vienna's traditional cafés.

Topfenstrudel Vienna Cafe

7. For the Museums
Vienna's rich history has made it a hub of historical artifacts and there are plenty of museums around that house amazing artifacts and shed more light on this matter. From art to music to sculptures and even carriages, Vienna has a museum to showcase them all and they're certainly very interesting to visit.

8. For the Green Spaces
More than half of the city of Vienna is made up with green spaces and parks making Vienna one of the greenest capitals in the world. 280 imperial gardens and parks such as the "Stadtpark", the "Volksgarten", the "Burggarten" or the "Prater Park". The Danube Island also invite for recreational activities such as biking, running or walks along the river. Vienna is also the only capital in Europe that produces enough wine to cover the consumption in the city.

9. For the Pictures
Its architecture makes Vienna one of the best places for memory worthy pictures and images. For a vacation that truly makes you nostalgic and gives you amazing pictures, Vienna is one of the best places to go.

10. For its quality of life

For the eight time in a row, Vienna has been awarded the most livable city in the world according to studies by Mercer. Almost 50% of the city are green spaces including parks and gardens, making Vienna one of the greenest capitals in the world. Vienna offers sound and stable social and economic conditions, a good health system and a good quality of education.

We love our city and are convinced that you will fall in love with Vienna too!

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Published: October 2017

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