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Best climbing gyms in Vienna

Climbing hall Vienna
You are looking for some action and fun things to do in Vienna, regardless of the weather? Climbing and bouldering are fun activities that can be done any time of the year. Bouldering is a form of rock climbing that is performed without the use of ropes or harnesses, whereas climbing requires some skills and techniques of securing someone. Both climbing and bouldering require you to wear special kind of shoes, which can be borrowed on site at most climbing gyms. Here are our top 3 climbing gyms in Vienna:

1. ÖTK-Halle
The ÖTK-Halle, "Österreichischer Touristenklub", is known as the biggest climbing and bouldering gym in the center of Vienna and is situated next to the U3 station Stubentor. The gym offers climbing walls on 4 different floors. You can either challenge yourself on the pretty high walls, where you need a partner to secure yourself, or on the "boulder walls", that are "only" 2.5 meters (8.2 feet) high. On the boulder walls you don't need to get secured, which is why you can do it alone and even without any special skills or knowledge. At the ÖTK gym you won't get bored easily, not even as a professional climber - there are various routes of different levels (also for children). Choose your route here.
ÖTK, Bäckerstraße 16, 1010 Vienna

ÖTK climbing gym

2. Blockfabrik
The Blockfabrik, known as the boulder hall in Vienna, is a gym only for bouldering, near the U4 station Pilgramgasse. It is very modern and has some pretty difficult routes too. Compared to other gyms, Blockfabrik is much smaller creating a more familiar atmosphere. Therefore we consider Blockfabrik as one of the best gyms for beginners. Instrumental music is played in the background to motivate you and give you an extra adrenaline rush. The different routes are marked with colors and at the very beginning you will find a number, so you know which level to take. Get in touch with the staff at Blockfabrik here.
Blockfabrik, Schlossgasse 10-12, 1050 Vienna

3. Marswiese

The Marswiese is a huge sport areal in the 17th district of Vienna. Besides tennis, volleyball, basketball and soccer, Marswiese offers a big climbing area and 3 different places for bouldering. If you have never been climbing before, you need to take a course to learn how to secure someone. Marswiese offers courses for children, teenager, adults and seniors, making it an ideal place for first-time climbers. If you need to take a rest in between your climbing activity, you can get a coffee or hot chocolate at the Café-Restaurant. The areal of Marswiese is pretty big, check for yourself.
Marswiese, Neuwaldeggerstraße 57a, 1170 Vienna

We hope you have a great time climbing or bouldering in one of our top 3 climbing gyms in Vienna. Climbing and bouldering are perfect activities that can be done in groups too. If you haven't been climbing or bouldering before, go check it out - it is a great workout as well!

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Published in September 2017
City Scout: Anni
Photcredits: © Top10 Vienna

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