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The top 5 cultural activities in Vienna

Vienna Opera House
When it comes to cultural activities, Vienna has plenty to see and do for people of different tastes and different backgrounds. When you visit Vienna, you're going to be completely immersed in a new world. Apart from its historic significance, Vienna has also made a huge cultural impact and there are plenty of activities that are still found to this day that are of cultural value. Many places usually have performances and shows happening all year round which you can attend if you're in Vienna.
Here are our top 5 cultural activities in Vienna:

1. State Opera House
Renowned for being one of the most important opera houses in the world, the Vienna State Opera House offers around 300 performances per year. Given that each year only has 365 days, it's highly unlikely that you won't be able to see a musical performance during your stay in Vienna. The architecture and the ambience of the State Opera House give you a truly unforgettable experience when you're visiting Vienna.

2. Musikverein
Visitors of the Vienna Musikverein tell us that classical music cannot be truly appreciated unless you listen to it at the Musikverein. Possessing one of the finest acoustic halls in the world, the Musikverein is listed among others such as the Konzerthaus in Berlin and Amsterdam's Concertgebouw, for their musical purity. Vienna's orchestra, the Vienna Philharmonics, occasionally play here and it is common to find performances of Mozart, Beethoven and other famous composers playing here.

Musikverein Vienna

3. Sound of Vienna
Performing for over 15 years, the Sound of Vienna brings the sounds of Mozart and Johann Strauss to life. A concert of Sound of Vienna at Kursalon Vienna is truly an indulgence since it is coupled with ballet dancers, opera singers and musicians that not only showcase each nuance of the music but also help get a glimpse of Viennese charm and culture. The line-up for the Sound of Vienna focuses on Mozart and Strauss but you can change your booking based on your preference. When making a booking, you can choose to have your concert with a dinner or a sightseeing tour. Find out more about current events at Sound of Vienna.

4. Spanish Riding School
The traditional horse riding school in Vienna with Lipizzan horses, the Spanish Horse Riding School, puts up shows and performances that demonstrate the Haute Ecole, a part of the Renaissance tradition and is listed in UNESCO as part of cultural heritage. The Lipizzaner horses used for these performances are bred and raised in Piber before they come to the Spanish Horse Riding School for formal training. Formed in 1572, it is the oldest riding school in the world.

5. Schönbrunn Palace Evening Concert
Held inside the Schönbrunn Palace, this evening concert is similar to a ball. Attendants are expected to come in formal attire and can listen to pieces of Mozart and Strauss performed by Schönbrunn Palace Festival Orchestra in the Schönbrunn Palace. These extremely unique performances include ballet dancers and opera singers as well. However, concert tickets can be hard to come by at times so be sure to book your tickets beforehand in order to avoid missing out on this beautiful concert.

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