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Best Parks in Vienna for your Dog

Dog Parks in Vienna
You are visiting Vienna with your dog? We recommend you the following parks where your dog can enjoy Vienna as much as you do and you and your dog can spend a great time together. In Vienna, there are parks that are just for dogs, called dog zones (Hundezone). You can recognize them by their white and green sign with a black dog on it (see picture above). Within those parks, your dog can run free without a leash or a muzzle.

Prater Dog Zone
The dog zone at Vienna Prater is the largest dog park in Vienna with a size of almost 300,000 m². There are many meadows and endless forests, making it a perfect place for dogs to explore. You can reach the park by taking the U2 subway to "Krieau", walking towards Vienna University of Economics and Vienna Exhibition Center. The park is not fenced and there are a lot of people jogging, walking and riding bikes. If your dog does not get along with joggers or bikers, be aware.

Vienna Dog Park Prater

Vienna Prater Dog Zone (photo by Top10 Vienna)

Hadikpark & Auer-Welsbach-Park
These two parks are located between the U4 stations "Hietzing" and "Schönbrunn". As they are in close proximity to each other, they are perfect to combine in a long walk with your dog. The Hadikpark is pretty stretched and hence perfectly suited for running with your dog. Hadipark is fenced completely, whereas the Auer-Welsbach-Park is not. Auer-Welsbach Park consists of a nice meadow in the center of it. It is the perfect place to sit down and watch the dogs playing with each other. You will also find a water dispenser for dogs in both parks.

Auer-Welsbach Park Vienna

Vienna Hadipark (photo by Top10 Vienna)

If your dog loves swimming this is the perfect park for you. This park is directly located at the Old Danube and is especially popular during summer months. The park is fenced and has his own beach. You can reach the Angelibad-Park by taking the U6 subway to "Neue Donau" and then walk about five minutes towards the Old Danube.
Certainly there are a lot more parks for dogs in Vienna. If you are visiting the first district of Vienna, where most of the top attractions are located, you could also find some smaller parks, where your dog can run free. There is one small park at Karlsplatz, next to St. Charles Church (Karlskirche) and one between Schottenring and Schwedenplatz (Frank-Josef-Kai).

You can find a list of all dog zones in Vienna on the website of the City of Vienna.

We hope you and your dog have a wonderful time in Vienna!

Published: August 2017
City Scout: Peter
Photcredits ©: Top10 Vienna

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