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Top 10 Things to See in Vienna

Vienna Hofburg Palace
Vienna is one of the most visually exhilarating cities in the world. Its architecture is so uniquely interesting that even a walk down the street can show you interesting points. However, if you're pressed for time and can't spend your day walking leisurely through the streets, we are pleased to introduce our top 10 things to see in Vienna!

1. The Hofburg Palace
The palace of the Hofburg isn't just a simple building, it is the former imperial palace in the city center of Vienna and should be on everyone's bucket list when visiting Vienna. The Hofburg Palace was built in the 13th century and once served as the seat of the power of the Habsburgs dynasty rulers. Today Hofburg Palace serves as the official residence and workplace of the Austrian President. Crafted more like a city inside a city, you can spend a day or two just exploring the place and still not see every sight.

2. Haus der Musik – House of Music
The first museum for sound and music in Vienna, the Haus der Musik serves an educational role for various universities. It is believed to have been the place where Mozart, Strauss, Mahler, Haydn and Beethoven wrote their music pieces.

3. Staatsoper – State Opera House
As the City of Music, Vienna is home to renowned classical musicians including Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert and many more, the Staatsoper pays homage to these musicians with musical sessions, balls and galas. The Vienna Staatsoper annually hosts the world-famous Vienna Opera Ball - next date: February 8th, 2018.

Vienna Opera House

4. Schönbrunn Palace
Meant for use as a hunting lodge, the Schönbrunn Palace was built in 1696. When it became the official residence of the Habsburgs (used as their summer residence), Maria Theresa undertook supervision for much of the renovations and Schönbrunn evolved into a sprawling little paradise.

Schoenbrunn Palace

5. Tiergarten Schönbrunn – Vienna Zoo
If you're visiting Schönbrunn Palace, take a small detour and head to the Tiergarten which is located within Schönbrunn Park. Starting out as the Imperial menagerie, it is the oldest zoo in the world, founded in 1752. It is also one of the few zoos in the world that house giant pandas.

6. Naschmarkt
Want to see how a farmer's market functions in Vienna? Visit the Naschmarkt which is one the largest and grandest farmer's market you can come across. Featuring a vast selection, from fruits and cheeses to handmade wines and chocolates, we recommend you go hungry. You'll find plenty to snack on here.

7. Kunsthistorisches Museum – Museum of Fine Arts
The museum of fine arts houses various artifacts and objects from ancient Egypt and Greece to modern day masterpieces. With elaborate galleries that showcase art through the ages, the Kunsthistorische Museum is one of the best places to visit in Vienna for art history lovers and aficionados.

8. Stephansdom – St. Stephen's Cathedral
Vienna has various houses of worship but St. Stephen's Cathedral stands out. Located at the heart of Vienna, it was built in the 12th century and the Cathedral has remained largely untouched by the hands of time. While it has undergone extensive renovations, its two gates, the Riesentor - Giant's Gate and the Heidentürme - Towers of the Heathens - remained when it was newly constructed in the 12th century.

9. The Prater Amusement Park
The giant Ferris wheel here is the main attraction here and counts as Vienna's emblem. Made for the Jubilee of Emperor Franz Joseph I, in 1897, the wheel is still active today and is beloved for the amazing panoramic view you get to see of Vienna when you're at the top.

Wiener Riesenrad

10. The Sisi Museum
Paying homage to one of Austria's royals, the Sisi Museum is dedicated to the Empress Elizabeth Habsburg, affectionately known as Sisi. Housing her clothing, portraits and the death mask that was crafted for her in 1898, the museum is definitely worth a visit. Sisi Museum is located within the Hofburg Palace.

We hope you enjoy our selection of the Top 10 things to see in Vienna and wish you a wonderful time in the beautiful city of Vienna!

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