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Best Things To Do in Vienna in Summer

Vienna Donaukanal
Summer is here! And the "normal life" as we know it, is slowly coming back with regulations being loosened. We hope you all have a great summer in Vienna and be careful! #summerinvienna

Be active at Donauinsel

You can rent a bike, charter a boat, a kayak or a Stand-Up Paddle at Donauinsel and spend an entire day on the green oasis in Vienna. You can also swim in the Old Danube, either at Gänsehäufl Bad or somewhere along the river. Several restaurants and bars offer outdoor waterfront seating.

Visit Film Festival at Rathausplatz

The 2020 film festival in Vienna also had to adapt to the current situation. Nonetheless it is taking place from July 4 to September 6. You can find more information and see the schedule here.
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✨ЧЕМ ПАХНЕТ ВЕНА✨ странно об этом рассказывать, но каждый, кто хоть раз бывал в этом городе знает, какие запахи сопровождали его на протяжении всех прогулок✨ и, конечно, никто не забудет запах лошадей, а точнее продуктов переработки их организмов, на всех центральных площадях и улицах🙈 ⠀ ▪️Булочки и хлеб - куда бы ты не пошёл в Вене утром, повсюду разносится манящий мультяшный аромат, цепляющий тебя за нос и относящий в ближайшую пекарню🥨 ⠀ ▪️Духи. Вот в обеденное время город наполняется мужчинами и женщинами в строгих, безумно красивых костюмах, разносящих за собой аромат свежести и самоуверенности. ⠀ ▪️Цветы🌸 как только на Вену опускается первое тепло, все начинает расцветать - абрикосы, сакуры, сирень, розы, гортензии...список бесконечен. Их ароматами наполняется весь город, создавая гормональную радостно-влюблённую атмосферу💕 ⠀ ▪️И да, сложно не заметить запах конского навоза в центре. Особенно в жару. Мы именно поэтому отказались жить в центре города, как только переехали с сестрой сюда. Мы это уже давно поняли и простили, хотя лошадей очень жалко 😩 ⠀ ♥️а вы замечаете такие детали в путешествиях? Обращали внимание на то, чем пахнет ваш родной город? ⠀

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Visit a Heurigen

Did you know that Vienna is the only capital in the world that produces enough wine to support its almost 2 million inhabitants? Try a “Gemischter Satz” or a “Grüner Veltliner” if you prefer white wine. As a red wine, we recommend a glass of “Zweigelt”. Vienna has various charming Heurige (traditional wine taverns) in the hills. Check out the 10 best Heurigen in Vienna.

Get on a Fiaker ride

Much like the gondolas in Venice, Vienna is known for its horse-drawn carriages, named Fiaker. You can find Fiakers at Stephansplatz and in front of other main attractions in the city center and take a tour through the old town.
Vienna rooftop bar

Enjoy the view from a rooftop bar

Vienna's old town looks amazing from above. The rooftop bars with the best views include Lameé Rooftop, Das Loft, Sky Bar, Dachboden and Kleinod.

Eat “Eismarillenknödel”

The typical Austrian ice cream specialty “Eismarillenknödel” (iced apricot dumplings) is a must for ice cream lovers. You can get them at Tichy.

Have brunch outdoors

If you can make a reservation ahead of time, we recommend the following brunch options in Vienna: Palmenhaus, Gerstner's Landhaus or Motto am Fluss. Check out our selection of top 10 brunch places in Vienna.

Visit a local market

While Naschmarkt is Vienna's largest and most famous market, there are several other smaller markets that are worth a visit, such as Karmelitermarkt and Rochusmarkt.

Have a picknick at a Viennese Park

Besides Stadtpark, which is on most of the traveler's itinerary, there are plenty of other gorgeous parks in the green capital Vienna. Pack your picknick bag and enjoy a Sunday morning at Volksgarten, Burrgarten or Augarten.

Visit a Beer Garden

Austrians are often associated with beer drinking. If you are a beer person yourself, make sure to visit a Viennese beer garden. Within the amusement park Prater, you will find the largest and most famous beer garden, the Schweizerhaus, known for its beer and pork knuckle (Stelze).

Schedule a day trip to Wachau valley

Either by boat, rental car or organized bus tour, you can spend a day in the famous wine region Wachau valley. Prepare to hike a little to get to the good spots where you can enjoy a good glass of wine and traditional Austrian food. We recommend a boat tour from the city center in Vienna. Check out times and availability.
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A very steep, sweaty climb took us up to the ruins of Dürnstein castle where Richard the Lionheart was imprisoned in 1192 for a year after (obviously unwisely!) insulting the duke of Austria, Leopold V. From there, we had a panoramic vista of both the superb town with its landmark azure blue Baroque tower at the Augustinian monastery (founded 1410) and Danube river. The surrounding Wachau valley has numerous small family vineyards known as heurige (“this year”) which by a 1784 law can only serve new season wines. After descending from the castle, we indulged in ‘heuriger-hopping' and tasting delectable, crisp reisling, muskateller and native grüner veltliner wines. Just the cure for the post-climb aches and sprains! 😎 #durnstein #europe_vacations #igersaustria #visitvienna #europe_gallery #dürnstein #austria🇦🇹 #travelgram #beautifuldestinations #map_of_europe #ruins #wachau #discoveraustria #cathedral #hello_worldpics #vienna_austria #danube #destinations #europestyle_ #beautifularchitecture #österreich #living_destinations #living_europe #worldtravelbook #travelpassport #passportholder #iger #travel_drops #potd #worldtraveller @living_destinations @earth_shotz @suitcasesandtaxis @discover_europe_ @igworldclub @passportanywhere @passport.needed @ournexttrip @hello_rooftops @viennatouristboard @austria @durnstein @vienna_austria @visitaustria @discoveraustria @ig__austria @ig_worldsbestshots

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