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Soccergolf Stockerau

Donaukraftwerkstraße 1, 2000 Stockerau

0043 2266 680 00

Soccergolf | Soccerdarts | Soccerbowling | and more

At Soccergolf Stockerau, north of Vienna you can spend an entire afternoon on the field with your friends. As the name suggests, it is a combination of soccer and golf - hence you need to put the soccer ball into the hole. Alltogether there are now 27 alleys with various different obstacles, such as truck tires and bricks. Even if you are not a soccer player, this game is fun for everyone, kids, adults, boys and girls and it is the perfect group activity for a birthday or a bachelor's party.

You can add some extra fun at Soccergolf Stockerau with Soccerdarts. You shoot the sticky ball onto a giant dartboard and it sticks. You aim at the highest numbers (just as in real darts) and compete with your friends.

Photo ©: Top10Vienna