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Vienna on a Budget

Vienna on a Budget
Having a great time in Vienna does not necessarily mean you need to spend a lot of money. You will be surprised how many activities you can do in the capital of Austria for free. Depending on the weather, you can decide if you either want to visit local free-entry museums, visit a historical church or just take a walk through the city center of Vienna. To have a better overview of the most popular complimentary trips in Vienna, we have listed our top 5 favorite free activities in Vienna. So event with a restricted budget, you can enjoy Vienna!

Wiener Naschmarkt
At the U4 Station "Kettenbrückengasse" you will find one of Vienna's oldest and most popular street markets. Originated in the 18th century by Viennese architect Otto Wagner, the 2.3-hectare bazaar offers over 120 different food stands who sell a great range of extraordinary and exotic products. You can find everything there, from oriental herbs over Asian specialties to African dishes. Even without buying anything, you will surely be inspired by the multi-cultural atmosphere and enjoy its spicy smell. Also most exhibitors will provide free samples, but don't tell anyone ;)

Schlosspark Schönbrunn

At the U4-station "Schönbrunn" you will find one of Vienna's most famous castles, the Castle of Schoenbrunn. Since 1996 it is acknowledged as a UNESCO World Heritage. In the 18th century it was the imperial summer residence of the Habsburgs and home of Empress Sisi. Even though you would have to pay for the entry into the palace itself, you can enjoy a long walk in the magnificent gardens and take photos of the elaborate fountains and monuments for free. Because of its baroque architecture and the extravagant decoration, you will have the feeling of being in another century and enjoy the ancient atmosphere.

As you may know, hiking is very popular among Austrians. But you don't necessarily have to drive to the Austrian alps though, since also the city of Vienna offers some hiking spots. In fact, here in Vienna you can choose between eleven city hiking routes, which will bring you to the most beautiful places with the most spectacular views of the city of Vienna. If you are exhausted and need a break you can always make a stop at one of the traditional Heurigen (wine taverns), which are usually situated next to the hiking routes. Don't worry, you don't need to be a professional hiker to enjoy Vienna's nature. Check out some hiking routes here.

Free Museums
Visiting Vienna on the first Sunday of the month is definitely worth it, because numerous popular museums do not charge entry on this day. The "Römermuseum" for instance is the place you should go to if you are interested in ancient Roman history. If you are interested in clocks and watches, you can have a look at Europe's most significant clock collections at Vienna's "Uhrenmuseum". Children and teenagers up to 19 years can usually visit most of the museums for free.

- Vienna Museum Karlsplatz
- Otto Wagner Hofpavillon Hietzing
- Pratermuseum
- Hermesvilla
- Virgilkapelle

Open bookshelves
Something that is very fancied among locals are Vienna's open book shelves. The concept is very easy: You can borrow a book from the bookshelf without registration, by simply replacing it with another used book from someone else. When this idea was implemented eight years ago, a lot of people thought it wouldn't work out, and that most people would just "steal" books without replacing or returning them. However, it has been a great success - so the city now offers over 16 open bookshelves. You can find classical novels, biographies or even new bestsellers. Although most of the books are written in German, there are a lot of English titles as well. And one thing is for sure: Each book has its own, unique story to tell. Here is a list of open bookshelves in Vienna:

1st district Schottengasse 4, Offene City Bibliothek
5th district, Wiedner Hauptstraße 108
7th district, Zieglergasse corner of Westbahnstrasse
8th district, Josef-Matthias-Hauer-Platz
9th district, Zimmermannplatz 1
16th district, Grundsteingasse Ecke Brunnengasse

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Published: March 2018
City Scout: Anni
Photocredits ©: Top10 Vienna

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