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Top 10 Cocktail Bars in Vienna

Cocktail Bars in Vienna
Vienna has so many amazing cocktail bars and rooftop bars that it sometimes gets hard to pick out the best ones. Therefore we created a list of the top 10 Cocktail Bars in Vienna.

There is nothing better than enjoying a delicious cocktail in a classy and comfortable bar after dinner. Making good cocktails is like cooking an excellent meal, therefore the best cocktail bars in Vienna hire the best and most experienced bartenders. Here are some of the best Cocktail Bars in Vienna that you should visit:

The Sign Lounge
The Sign Lounge definitely one of the best and most special bars in Vienna. The Sign is located in the 9th district at Lichtensteinstrasse. The interior and atmosphere is just perfect, it has a unique style, very modern but still classy and comfortable. The cocktails at The Sign are one of the best in Vienna. They are always trying new creations and all drinks are nicely served, you need to take a picture before the first sip and make sure to post it on Instagram.

Kruger's American Bar
Kruger's was one of the first cocktail bars in Vienna opened in the 1920s. Kruger's kept its old fashioned and traditional look up to this day. The furniture is the original one from the 1920s with brown leather couches and a lot of dark wood. Their first name was the "Kaiser Bar", but later its name had been changed to Kruger after Krugerstrasse, the street it is located on. Kruger's offers a great selection of traditional and classic cocktails as well as spirits and a variety of high-quality cigars. Kruger's is one of the most famous and traditional cocktail bars in Vienna and is conveniently located in the city center of Vienna.

Le Loft in the Sofitel
Le Loft rooftop cocktail is located at the rooftop of 5 star hotel Sofitel and counts as the best rooftop bar in Vienna. You'll have an amazing view of Vienna overlooking the entire city center and a the St. Stephan's Cathedral. The interior is very stylish and the view over the whole city is just stunning and reason enough for a visit. Above all, Le Loft serves great drinks and cocktails.

The Bank Bar
The Bank Bar is located in a former bank building and is today part of the Park Hyatt Vienna, a luxury hotel in the heart of the city. The atmosphere and interior is stunning, especially their old fashioned but very classy dark wood furniture. The Bank's cocktail menu is unique and special, they offer a bunch of in-house creations of cocktails which are named by bank jobs like the Cashier, the Treasurer or the Book Keeper. Every of these drinks has an exact description of the used ingredients in their "Signature Menu".

Roberto American Bar
This charming bar in the 1st district of Vienna has a very unique modern but classy look. Roberto's offers a huge selection of drinks with at least 120 different cocktails. The owner Roberto and his team are all professional in the industry and very well known in the cocktail bar scenery. The cosy dark interior provides great flair and an almost private atmosphere

Agent Oscar
This beautiful American Bar named Agent Oscar offers delicious cocktails in a unique atmosphere. Agent Oscar is located in the 7th district of Vienna close to the subway station "Neubaugasse" in a side street of Mariahilferstrasse. The interior is leaned on the time of prohibition in the USA beginning in the 1920s, spiced up with some modern elements. The variety of drinks is just amazing, with about 300 different cocktails and 250 different spirits.

Hammond Bar
Hammond Cocktail Bar is located in the 2nd district of Vienna at Taborstrasse. The look of this bar is very classy, and the interior looks inviting and comfortable. Hammond offers a great variety of different drinks and they have every different weekly cocktail specials. The service at Hammond is top, just let them know what ingredients you like and they prepare something great for you.

Dino's American Bar
This lovely American Bar has its name from the amazing singer Dean Martin and is located in the 1st district of Vienna at "Salzgries". Dino's offers a bunch of delicious cocktails and other classics like Bourbon and Whiskey in a very special environment. The bar is very comfortable and inviting, the barkeepers are passionate and professional. Dino's plays the right music to add to its atmosphere like Jazz, Swing and other classic hits from Frank Sinatra or Miles Davis. Dino's Bar is absolutely worth a visit.

Window Cocktail Bar
The Window is a very modern bar, with various great cocktails on their menu. Window Cocktail Bar is located in the 6th district of Vienna between the subway stations "Pilgramgasse" and "Kettenbrückengasse". You can rent your own private room for birthday parties and other events. Also, make sure to check out their Happy Hour from 5pm to 8pm.

Barfly's Club
Barfly's Club is located in the 6th district of Vienna in a side street of Mariahilferstrasse between the subway stations "Zieglergasse" and "Neubaugasse". Barfly"s opened its doors 28 years ago and has the typical traditional look of a charming cocktail bar. The bar offers about 500 different cocktails and almost 1,300 different Whiskeys and another hundred different types of rum. A great place to enjoy a delicious drink while listening to Frank Sinatra or Dean Martin songs.

We hope you enjoy Vienna and our Cocktail Bar recommendations! What's your favorite bars in Vienna?

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Published: January 2018
City Scout: Peter
Photocredits ©:
- Agent Oscar

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