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Christmas Markets in Vienna

Christmas World Vienna
Time flies and XMas is just around the corner, temperatures in Vienna are starting to fall and the first Christmas Markets are starting to sell hot punch, typical Austrian food and Christmas gifts. Typically Christmas Markets in Vienna open in mid-November; in 2017 the official Christmas Market season starts on November 17th. During Christmas season many squares and places in Vienna transform into magical Christmas Markets making Vienna even more breathtaking. Make sure to visit one or the other Christmas Market during your stay in Vienna to get into a "Christmassy" mood and to enjoy the snugly atmosphere. But don't forget to put on warm clothes - Christmas Markets are outdoors!

Even though you will certainly encounter several Christmas Markets on your sightseeing trip or walk through downtown Vienna, we have assembled a list with the top 10 Christmas Markets in Vienna to make it easier for you to navigate.

Christkindlmarkt am Rathausplatz - Vienna Christmas World
The most popular and most visited Christmas Market in Vienna is located right in front of Vienna's city hall. Every year the huge place in front of Vienna's city hall, the Vienna Rathausplatz transforms into a gigantic Christmas Village. Its tall Christmas Tree in the middle of the square serves as the perfect meeting point for you and your friends - the area is enormous. For the second year now, the Christkindlmarkt Rathausplatz offers a giant ice skating rink allowing kids as well as adults to skate through the paths of this beautiful scenery. The Christmas Market at Wiener Rathausplatz is the biggest Christmas Market in Vienna, so take your time while visiting to indulge in the Vienna Christmas spirit. The Christmas Market at Rathausplatz has evolved to a realtourist magnet, and can be really crowded on weekends. Despite the crowds, thisfamous Christmas Market is worth visiting!
Tip: The beautiful setting in front of the city hall is a very popular photo motive for Instagramers.

Schönbrunner Christkindlmarkt
Our favorite Christmas Market is in front of Vienna's famous "Schloss Schönbrunn". All its tiny little shops are placed in a circle around a huge Christmas tree, which in 2017 is an 18 meters high and 80 years old spruce. In the evenings there usually is a choir singing Christmas songs, spreading the Christmas spirit. We really recommend you trying the hot punch to heat you up as the area is wide open and it can get pretty windy and cold. But don't throw your mug away, either keep it as a souvenir or bring it back to the pawn to get your deposit back. It is custom at Viennese Christmas Markets to charge an extra €2-3 as a safety deposit for their unique mugs.

Art & Crafts Christmas Market am Karlsplatz

Another unique and special Christmas Market is located in front of Karlskirche, St Charles Church, just around the corner from Vienna's University of Technology. Besides shopping for handcrafted Christmas gifts and art pieces, drinking hot punch, you can also take your kids to a little petting zoo right in front of the church. The setting of the Art & Crafts Christmas Market at Karlsplatz is picturesque. If you have some extra time, go visit the University of technology as well have a look at the beautiful institution, home of Vienna's future architects, engineers and scientists.

Christmas Market on Spittelberg
A very special and typical Viennese Christmas Market is located on a side street of Vienna's most frequented shopping street "Mariahilferstrasse" in the 7th district of Vienna. The 7th district is considered the hipster district of Vienna, with a thriving collection of restaurants, bars and galleries. Unlike most Viennese Christmas Markets on huge squares and places, the Spittelberg Christmas Market is set up in the narrow streets of the 7th district, making it one of a kind.

Winter Market at Museumsquartier (MQ)
The "Museumsquartier" is a very popular spot for locals, particularly a younger crowd. It is located at the very end of "Mariahilferstrasse", making it a perfect place for an after-shopping punch treat. Just across the street you will get to another Christmas Village on Maria-Theresienplatz, in case you are planning a Christmas Market Marathon.

Christmas Village on Maria-Theresien Platz
The Christmas Village on Maria-Theresienplatz is located between the two most renowned museums in Vienna, Vienna's art historical- and Vienna's natural history museum. This market is also a great place to enjoy the wintery season and the smell of ginger and cloves. Some stands here sell very special types of Austrian meat loafs known as "Leberkäse", including meat from wild pig.

Christmas Village at Belvedere Palace
One of Vienna's top attractions, the Belvedere Palace also serves as a very popular Christmas Market during holiday season. The Christmas Market in front of the main entrance invites visitors for a stroll-through before or after the visit of the Belvedere palace and museum. The lighting of the Belvedere Palace and the lake in front of it make the scenery a great photo motive.

Belvedere Vienna

Christmas Village at Altes AKH
The Christmas Village at Altes AKH portrays a very special flair and attracts mainly the university crowd from the nearby University of Vienna. The tiny streets through the courtyard allow you to stroll from stand to stand and try their different specialties.
Tip: During weekdays, this is probably one of the least busiest Christmas Markets in Vienna.

Winter Market on Riesenradplatz
The Vienna Giant Wheel, called Wiener Riesenrad has been Vienna's emblem for years. The Riesenrad still is one of Vienna's top tourist attractions, allowing visitors to gain a nice view from the cabins on the turning giant wheel. During Christmas season the area in front of the Riesenrad transforms into a Winter Market offering hot punch, potatoes and other typical Christmas Market dishes.

Christmas Market Am Hof
The Christmas Market Am Hof is situated in the city center of Vienna. The square "Am Hof" is home to various events throughout the year and is also the perfect fit for a cozy Christmas Market in the middle of Vienna. Business men and women stroll through the market after work, tourists stop for a hot punch after a sightseeing trip and locals gather to get in the Christmas mood.

Christmas season is a big deal in Vienna and Christmas Markets are a huge part of it. The entire city is being lighted up with giant Christmas bulb, the smell of hot punch and cinnamon and Christmas music are in the air. We Viennese are very proud of our Christmas Market tradition and tourists from around the world love Vienna during christmas season. In fact Vienna has been awarded #5 on "The Best Christmas Markets in Europe" by European best Destinations

Have a wonderful Christmas time in Vienna!

Published: November 2017
City Scout: Anni
Photocredits ©: Top10 Vienna

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