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Best Würstelstände in Vienna

Bitzinger Wurstelstand
Pretty much every city in this world has its own traditional type of fast food. In Vienna, it is the "Wiener Würstelstand" culture. You can find a "Würstelstand" in every district of Vienna. They are little takeaways which offer many different sausage creations. The most traditional, and the one you should definitely try, is the "Käsekrainer" - not just because you will probably find it hard to pronounce the name. The "Käsekrainer" is a grilled sausage filled with cheese typically served with mustard, horseradish and bread (of course they will serve ketchup as well). Other famous sausages you should try are the "Bratwurst", "Frankfurter", internationally known as "Wiener" (only we Viennese people call it differently) and the "Bosna", a spicy type of sausage. The cost for a "Käsekrainer" or another type of sausage such as the "Bratwurst" is about EUR 4-5. They usually cut it into pieces for you so it can easily be shared with your friends. Even though you will encounter many different "Würstelstände" on your way through Vienna, there are some quality differences. We have selected the best and most frequented "Würstelstände" in Vienna.

Bitzinger Würstel & Co.
This is one of the most famous "Würstelstand" in Vienna. Bitzinger is located in front of the Albertina Museum in the first district of Vienna. Bitzinger is very popular among guests from the opera house, which might seem contradicting seeing people in suits and evening dresses eating sausages in the street - but this is Vienna! Bitzinger offers many different sausage dishes and traditional Austrian food. They also sell wine, champagne, and twelve different types of beer. Their little takeaway is very modern, and their staff is working really fast, since there is always a line standing in front of this famous "Wiener Würstelstand".

Zum scharfen Rene
This is one of the oldest and most famous "Wiener Würstelstand" in the first district of Vienna. They opened in 1968 and are located at the Schwarzenbergplatz. Zum scharfen Rene is known by its old traditional takeaway and spicy food (scharf translated means spicy). They offer everything you expect from traditional Viennese fast food, a variety of delicious sausages, Austrian beer and a selection of great chili sauces. If you love spicy food, this "Würstelstand" is definitely worth a visit.

Würstelstand Hoher Markt
This old "Wiener Würstelstand" is located in the city center of Vienna at Hoher Markt, a few blocks from Stepahnsdom in the first district. This takeaway is especially popular at night, as they are open till 4am in the morning. People leaving nearby bars and clubs in the early morning hours often come there for a snack after a long night. Actually, the "Würstelstand Hoher Markt" is the most popular "Würstelstand" in Vienna, based on an online survey in 2017 by the Falstaff Magazine from Vienna.

Zum goldenen Würstel
This "Würstelstand" is located between Graben and Stephansplatz in the first district of Vienna. It is the perfect takeaway, if you want to eat your sausage with a view on the famous St. Stephan's Cathedral (Stephansdom). The setting of the "Würstelstand" is picturesque and quite frequently appears on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat. The Würstelstand Zum goldenen Würstel is open till 4am and offers different sausages, traditional meatloaf and beer. After a long night at the bar or after a shopping tour on the Kärnter Straße, go and get yourself a "Käsekrainer"-treat at the Würstelstand Zum goldenen Würstel.

Whereas a lot of international fast food chains have conquered Vienna, the traditional Viennese Würstelstand-culture has remained. The Wiener Würstelstand is not just a popular snack for tourists, in fact, we Viennese people love it. Especially at Bitzinger and Würstelstand am Hohen Markt you will find local business men during their lunch break.

Having tried a snack at a Wiener Würstelstand is part of beeing a tourist in Vienna, just like visiting Stephansdom.

Stay calm and have a sausage #top10vienna #wienerwürstelstand

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Published: November 2017
City Scout: Peter
Photo ©: Top10 Vienna

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