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Blue Mustard | Insider-Restaurant of the Month

Insider Restaurant Tip of the month September presented by Top10 Vienna: Blue Mustard

On the search for new restaurants and bars in Vienna, we came across Blue Mustard, a stylish and modern restaurant and cocktail bar in the heart of Vienna. Blue Mustard is located in the same building as the famous event venue CASA NOVA on Dorotheergasse, a side street of Graben in the first district of Vienna.

Blue Mustard offers fantastic cocktails and drinks for a pre-show evening. However the restaurant is also known for its contemporary creative kitchen, so we recommend you to spare some time for a visit at Blue Mustard. The interior design reminds of modern 21st century architecture with perfect lighting - absolutely amazing design. The dimmed light, with light bulbs hanging from the roof, creates a perfect flair for a modern cocktail bar and restaurant.

Blue Mustard Bar

We started our dinner with some cocktails, an authentic Cosmopolitan with Tanqueray Ten and Grand Manier and a house special that was recommended to us. The cocktails tasted really good and you could tell that they use only the finest liquors and ingredients. As an appetizer we were served Puebla, a dish that lets you expect something Mexican but will still surprise you! In fact it has Mexican ingredients in it, but Blue Mustard made its own contemporary version with the basic ingredients - marinated avocado with corn cream, spicy corn, green beans, nachos and of course chili. Perfect appetizer for avocado lovers like us.

Blue Mustard Starter

As main course, we continued our journey to Thassos and Kapstadt. At Blue Mustard dishes are given names by the authenticity of its ingredients, for instance the mackerel filet (a Greek dish) is named "Thassos" and the beef steak is named "Kapstadt". The beef steak in onion-cream-sauce with carrots was really rich in taste. The mackerel filet was grilled to perfection and the tomato-pepper salsa and flamed feta cheese just added to it. Both meals were unique in style and taste and neatly decorated. Unlike other upscale restaurants, where portions tend to be on the smaller side, Blue Mustard does really deliver highest value for the prices charged with portions being just perfect in size. The freshest ingredients, creative combinations and plate decorations as well as a great choice of original cocktails make Blue Mustard a true culinary experience.

Blue Mustard Steak

Blue Mustard is a great choice for just a drink at the bar or an dinner in an exclusive environment. The Live Music simply added to a atmospheric evening, which we will definitely repeat. After our dinner with excellent drinks and food, we instantly declared Blue Mustard our Top10 Vienna Insider Restaurant Tip of the Month! Blue Mustard, Dorotheergasse 6-8, 1010 Wien

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Published: September 2017
City Scout: Tom
Photocredits ©: Top10 Vienna
Blue Mustard Cocktail Bar

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