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The Best 5 Veggie Burgers in Vienna

Veggie Burger Vienna Weinschenke
Are you vegetarian and visiting Vienna with your non-vegetarian or non-vegan friends and they want to go and get some burgers? Don't worry, you don't have to starve. Vienna has plenty of restaurants that offer amazing vegetarian and vegan burgers besides the "classic" beef burgers. We have tested a couple of burger restaurants with vegetarian options and would like to present you our Top 5 Veggie Burger Restaurants:

1. Le Burger
What's so great about LeBurger is, that you can assemble the ingredients yourself and create your own unique burger and even give it a cool name. So, you can choose easily whether you like to eat vegetarian, vegan or low carb. The vegetarian burger patty at LeBurger is made of pure vegetables. If you want some extra taste, you can add grilled vegetables as well. Opting for the LeBurger menu includes a side of your choice (fries, onion rings or salad) and a glass to refill your drink for free (just like you are used to in the United States and the UK). You can also get a variety of different sauces to perfect your burger experience, our favorite: spicy mayonnaise! LeBurger made it onto our list of best veggie burgers in Vienna because of its desire to serve the vegetarian community just as well. Instead of having one vegetarian options, LeBurger showcases that vegetarians are not just welcome at their restaurants, but they can choose from a broad vegetarian burger menu. Check out their entire menu or visit one of their currently three stores in Vienna.

2. Swing Kitchen
Welcome to one of the most popular vegan restaurants in Vienna: Swing Kitchen offers a major selection of burgers, wraps and nuggets – all vegan! As a true vegetarian or vegan, you will have a hard time deciding which dish to choose. We highly recommend the classic "Swing Burger" with a soya patty as well as the kitchen wrap, which consists not only of vegetables, but also of a vegan version of Vienna's national dish, the "Schnitzel". In case you like it spicy, try the chili burger. If you can't manage all dishes in one day, here's your reason to come back to Swing Kitchen another day! For packaging, Swing Kitchen uses only recyclable materials which reveals much of their sustainable company philosophy. Because of its nice establishment, the friendly staff and delicious food, we are sure you and even your non-vegan friends will enjoy a visit to Swing Kitchen. Swing Kitchen has set a trend towards vegan food, that even non-vegan people jump on the bandwagon. Check out their menu as well a store locations on their website.

Swing Kitchen Vienna

3. Omnom Burger
The concept of Omnom Burger is: Create your own burger by choosing your "style" (with or without bread). Start with the "basics" (meat or vegan patty) and add one or two toppings. As a vegetarian option, order the grilled carrot-celery patty. We recommend adding halloumi cheese (a semi-hard, unripened, brined cheese, popular in Greece and Cyprus) as your topping. As a vegan topping, we recommend, the zucchini and/or seasonal veggies. Wrap up your order with a garnish and a dip. Some people in Vienna argue that Omnom Burger serves the best burgers in Vienna, do you agree? Omnom Burger is definitely a great choice if you and your friends want to go out and eat fresh, self-made burgers, beef as well as veggie burgers. Luckily, Omnom Burger offers caterings, takeaway and delivery services as well. Hungry now, huh? Here's the link to their menu.

4. Flatschers Bar and Bistro
Even though you are in Vienna, you would like to taste some delicious French food? We recommend you visit Flatschers Bistro, on Kaiserstrasse in Vienna's 7th district. Your non-vegan friends will love it, as there is a variety of steak (some of the best steaks in Vienna), fish and burgers. But, don't worry, as a vegetarian you will be pampered as well. They offer a vegetarian burger with a patty made of couscous, called "Flatschers Greeny", an absolute highlight you should try! The bistro plays relaxing French background music, which makes you feel like you are in Paris. You should definitely make a reservation, since the bistro is rather small and highly frequented. Check out the bistro's menu for your next French dinner in Vienna.

Veggie Burger Flatschers Vienna

5. Weinschenke
Finding the best vegan or vegetarian burger in Vienna is, as you may have noticed, quite challenging. But some people say you get the best burger at Weinschenke, classic beef burger as well as veggie burgers. Vegetarians can choose between the veggie "Lebanon-Burger", which is really delicious (also for non-vegetarians), and the vegan "Tierlos"-Burger, which should be your choice if you like it spicy. In addition, they have the best fries we ever had. We can definitely recommend Weinschenke, but be advised that reservations are required. Weinschenke gets pretty busy, especially on weekends. Check out the three Weinschenke locations and their menus on their website.

We hope you liked our review of "The Best Veggie Burgers in Vienna"! Do you agree with our top 5? We look forward to hear your comments!

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Published: September 2017
City Scout: Anni
Photcredits: © Top10 Vienna

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