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Ramasuri: Top10 Vienna Insider-Restaurant of the Month

Ramasuri Restaurant Wien
On the lookout for our insider restaurant of the month, our City Scout Peter came across Ramasuri, a trendy new place in Vienna's second district, to be more specific, between Schwedenplatz and Nestroyplatz. Peter was immediately impressed by the charm of the restaurant and declared Ramasuri as the Top10 Vienna Restaurant of the Month August! If you are looking for new restaurants in Vienna and want to try something new, Ramasuri should be on your radar!

“Eating in the shadows of Johann Nepomuk Nestroy.” – that is the slogan of Ramasuri Restaurant, located at the beginning of Praterstraße, behind the statue of the famous Austrian Actor and Opera Singer, Johann Nestroy. The name of the restaurant, Ramasuri, is an old Viennese word, that actually means: "everything mixed up". The restaurant opens at 8am for an amazing breakfast selection - check for yourself! We definitely want to try Eggs Royal and Eggs Florentine upon our next visit as both were highly recommended! Ramasuri serves daily lunch menus as well as creative meals for lunch and dinner (everything mixed up). The restaurant stays open until midnight and invites for a late-night drink just as well as for a cozy dinner with friends.

For sunny days of the year, they have a guest garden in front of their restaurant, which is very cozy and perfect for enjoying a great meal and a cool drink. The interior of Ramasuri looks inviting and is very comfortable in its very own style.

Ramasuri restaurant

Their food is fancy and definitely unique. We had “Das Backhendl”, baked chicken with yoghurt-herb marinade, served on liver cream, topped with coriander and a lemon. The chicken was great, the meat was very tender and tasted fantastic in the marinade and liver cream. Additionally, you get a cucumber cream salad as garnish, the perfect addition to this meal. Inspired by the traditional Austrian cuisine, the Backhendl is given a new spice by the Ramasuri style and makes up a wonderful mixed up meal.

Ramasuri Das Backhendl

The “Paprikagnocchi” were delicious too, and just looked great the way they were served - with chanterelle and mashed peas, topped with Italian Grana Padano. This is just the vegetarian version of that dish, you can also add Chorizo sausage to it, which is a sausage specialty from Spain. The recipe sounds eccentric, but every ingredient fits perfectly.

Ramasuri Paprikahendl

After our main dish, we were offered to taste their chocolate cake as dessert. It was a no bake chocolate cake with almonds topped with strawberries. The cake tasted amazing, served a little cold, which was the perfect desert on this hot summer day.

The staff at Ramasuri is extremely friendly and dedicated to their work. Ramasuri is the perfect restaurant for young and old people, who want to try completely different and mixed up dishes in a beautiful and comfortable environment. Austrian inspired traditional dishes mixed with international ingredients make up creative and interesting new meals. Ramasuri brings the popular fusion kitchen to a whole new level with amazing dishes and a pretty big menu! The mix of revolutionized fusion kitchen (or ramasuri style), their unique way of presenting themselves gives Ramasuri a very special character and makes it one of the new must try restaurants in Vienna.

, Top10 Vienna Insider Restaurant Tip of the month - where creativity meets chaos (in a good way), Praterstraße 19, 1020 Wien (only a few blocks from downtown Vienna in a very charming Viennese area)

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Published: August 2017
City Scout: Peter
Photocredits ©: Top10 Vienna

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