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The 10 Ultimate Dishes to try in Vienna

Wiener Schnitzel
Vienna has a rich culture and the cuisine there is just as rich and exquisite. Drawing inspiration from its historical background, Vienna has a lot of dishes which are an fusion of different cultures. Nonetheless, cooked with a special Viennese touch to them, these dishes will have you craving for more each time you try them. The following are some of the most typical and best dishes you should try when you are in Vienna:

1. The “Wiener Schnitzel” vom Kalb (veal)
A traditional dish of Vienna, the Schnitzel is made from a very thinly cut piece of veal. It is then coated in bread crumbs and deep fried and served with a slice of lemon and typically potato salad or fries. Sometimes you will also get pork or chicken instead of veal, simply because veal is quite expensive, but the traditional Wiener Schnitzel is veal meat. Also a lot of people around the globe associate the Wiener Schnitzel with the German cuisine which is a misconception – the Wiener Schnitzel, as the name suggests is a traditional Viennese dish and in fact the most traditional dish of Vienna!

2. Tafelspitz
Another hearty meal, the Tafelspitz is tender, lean cut beef that has been slow boiled until it reaches a consistency where the meat just falls off the bone. Served with a number of different condiments including toppings such as “Apfelkren” (apples mixed with horse radish), spinach cream, potatoes.
You can also find the Tafelspitz at a number of different cafés in Vienna. The Tafelspitz remains one of the most popular and traditional dishes of the Austrian cuisine and is a wonderfully hearty dish to enjoy especially during winter time. Make your reservation to try the world famous Tafelspitz at the "Home of Tafelspitz" Plachutta.


3. Gulasch / Goulash
While the Gulasch is originally a Hungarian dish, due to the Austrian and Hungarian Empire, it became popular in Vienna too. Over time, the popularity of this dish has allowed Vienna to include it into their list of traditional dishes. The Gulasch is a hearty dish, made with beef chunks, potatoes and seasoned with delicious paprika salt. Vienna even has a restaurant called "Gulasch Museum" which mainly serves Gulasch dishes but also other traditional Viennese dishes.

4. Zwiebelrostbraten
If you love rib roast, you're going to love this amazing dish. The Zwiebelrostbraten is delicious, roasted beef that melts in your mouth. Coupled with gravy made from red wine and caramelized onion, you won't be able to stop eating this delectable meal. It is usually served with some kind of potatoes, either sautéed potatoes or mashed potatoes. The meat is topped with roasted onions - Zwiebelrostbraten can be found on the menu of almost all typical Austrian restaurants in Vienna.

5. Schweinsbraten
Also known as “Bratl”, this is a traditional dish in the Austrian cuisine that has been made for centuries. The meat is cured or pickled in order to give it a spiced flavor which is unique. Schweinsbraten can be served as a hot meal with dumplings known as “Knödel” and “Sauerkraut” or cold with bread, mustard and horse radish, making it the ideal Austrian dish for every social event. Schweinsbraten can be found in basically all typical Austrian "Beisl" and restaurants and is also one of grandma's favorites.

6. Käsekrainer
You can't leave Vienna without trying the Käsekrainer sausage. This is a popular dish you can find on sausage street stands basically every corner in the city center. You can get "Bratwurst", hot dogs and the famous Käsekrainer – sausages with cheese filling. Traditionally, they are eaten with mustard, horse radish and ketchup - a must-try dish when in Vienna!

7. Sachertorte
When it comes to desserts, Austria offers a variety of amazing traditional cakes and desserts. The Sachertorte is not only a favorite, it is a must eat when in Vienna! The Sachertorte was created by Franz Sacher at Hotel Sacher for Prince Wenzel von Metternich. The original Sachertorte can still be found at Hotel Sacher following the original family recipe. Despite hundreds of copies, people still line up at the Hotel Sacher store to purchase the original one. Make sure you plan a short stop and try the original Sachertorte along with a "Melange", a cup of coffee with milk foam at Sacher Café in the city center of Vienna.


8. Apfelstrudel
A classic dessert in Vienna, the Apfelstrudel is a local favorite and you can't leave Vienna without trying it. Usually served warm, the dessert consists of a delicious puff pastry, filled with sugary and sweet slices of cooked apples in a sauce and topped off with whipped cream. This dessert is such a national favorite that almost every café will be serving Apfelstrudel anywhere in Vienna or Austria for that matter. In fact the Austrian Apfelstrudel has gained popularity in countries as around the world, including the United States.


9. Kaiserschmarrn
A favorite dessert, Kaiserschmarrn is a type of shredded pancake that was made for Emperor Franz Joseph I and he was very fond of it. His fondness made this dessert popular and it is still found being served to this day. Served with a light dusting of sugar and typically a very special plum jam (with big plum junks in it), this dessert can be had at any time of the day and goes along perfectly with coffee or a glass of Prosecco. Make sure to try this must-eat food of Vienna!


10. Gugelhupf
The Gugelhupf is another famous Austrian dish which is popular in various European countries too. Made for celebrations, including weddings, the Gugelhupf inspired the bundt cake but it is rather different from it. The Gugelhupf has also become popular around the globe.

We hope you enjoyed our selection of the 10 must eat foods of Vienna! If you feel there is something missing, feel free to reach out to us and we will make sure it gets covered in one of our blog articles.

Stay calm and eat well in Vienna! #viennamusteats #viennaultimatedishes #top10viennaeats

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