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Mariahilferstrasse 114, 1070 Wien  •  01 907 44 24  •  Website  •  Contact
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...because our delicious burgers, using only top ingredients of the highest quality, will give you unforgettable moments of “Mmmmhhh”

Handmade, fresh burgers with individual ingredients. The concept of LeBurger is unique! You are the expert - create your own burger:

Your choice of:
- Hamburger
- Cheeseburger
- Bacon Burger
- Bacon Cheeseburger
- Chicken Burger
- Veggie Burger

add as many ingredients as you like for no additional charge!
Lettuce, arugula, tomato, pickles, onion, grilled onion, garlic, grilled mushrooms, jalapenos, olives and top it with your favorite sauce and add some extras if you like.

If you can't decide on the ingredients, trust the choice of our regulars and choose from the menu. All burgers are also available low-carb without bun, wrapped in salad!

If you don't feel like burger at all (which seems very unlikely once you enter one of our stores, trust me!) we are happy to serve you some amazing, freshly-made salads with regional ingredients, amazing desserts, ice shakes as well as cocktails!

Photos ©: LeBurger Betriebs GmbH

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